Class of 2018 updates

The Class of 2018 is more than halfway through its leadership year. In addition to the Opening Retreat, the class experienced Environmental Sustainability, Health Care, Public Safety and Baltimore County Government Days already. March is a jam-packed month! On March 8th, the class visited Annapolis for Maryland State Government Day.  This day is always a favorite for class members. This month we heard from speakers Bruce Berano, a lobbyist, as well as Lieutenant Governor Boyd Rutherford, who we enjoyed immensely! The class also got to have lunch with delegates and senators from Baltimore County.

On March 26th we will hold Social Services Day. This day is always cited as one of the most memorable and impactful days of the year as it is one that tends to really challenge our perspectives and teach us about the privilege we hold. Finally, on March 27th the class will experience their cultural evening out at Center Stage to see a performance of Animal Farm.