Nonprofit Spotlight: Helping Up Mission

The Helping Up Mission (HUM) offers comprehensive services for men experiencing homelessness, addiction and poverty through a variety of programs including a year-long spiritual recovery program. Every year, HUM provides:

  • 182,500 nights of shelter (500 nightly)
  • 438,000 meals (1,200 per day)
  • 155,000+ items of clothing and personal care
  • 6,700 counseling sessions

On Sept. 14, HUM announced its Inspiring Hope Campaign to develop 1216 E. Baltimore Street into a Women’s and Children’s Center. The campaign will help expand HUM’s recovery community to serve women in need, with basic services for their children; expand the Wellness Center; and create an Education & Workforce Development Center.

The Helping Up Mission’s volunteers come from local churches, youth groups, corporations, medical centers and government agencies. All volunteers play a meaningful role in the recovery process. If you’d like to volunteer for a meal service, educational tutoring and professional pro bono services, complete a short form online, email or call 410-675-4357.

To learn more about Helping Up Mission, visit