Letter from the President – February 2020

Dear LBC Alumni,

LBC is looking to forge more collaborative, mutually beneficial relationships with LBC alumni and regional companies. The opportunities range from showcasing your business to maximizing your brand exposure and displaying your commitment to our community. Let’s strengthen Baltimore County and the region by working together!

Shine the Light on Your Expertise: The wisdom and expertise among LBC’s alumni and their companies are simply impossible to value. LBC can highlight your unique talents and thought leadership in a number of ways:

  • Serve as a subject matter expert in one of LBC’s monthly Leadership Learning Day;
  • Present at an alumni event;
  • Be a guest writer/thought leader in one of our aspirational new publications (LBC blog and white papers);
  • Share your expertise by engaging as a committee member;
  • Help lead LBC by becoming a member of our Board of Directors;
  • Display your qualifications on LBC’s website by becoming a Lifetime Member; and/or
  • Let us shoot a short video of you sharing how LBC was a catalyst for you personally, professionally and/or from a community perspective to be viewed on LBC’s website.

Showcase Your Brand for One Entire Year: By becoming an annual Corporate Partner of LBC, your brand will be prominently displayed on “everything LBC” for an entire 12-month period, including: every outgoing email from LBC; all of our promotional materials including all newsletters and event announcement emails; signs at every monthly Leadership Learning Day and bi-monthly alumni event; special social media shout outs; and in our annual Commencement Celebration Program Book. Plus, plus, plus for higher levels. You won’t believe how inexpensive our partnerships start!

Build Your Team and Make Baltimore County Better: To derive the most value from a collaboration with LBC, participate in our program. Your team member will:

  • Be immersed in building deep and meaningful relationships with a cohort of 40 diverse professionals;
  • Meet the movers, shakers and decision-makers in our county and how the county works, as a whole;
  • Garner a deeper understanding of how to position your company in the Baltimore County marketplace;
  • Experience what it is like to be in the shoes of a police officer, nurse, school principal, policy maker, someone who is homeless, someone suffering with a mental illness and on and on. These experiential activities enhance one’s emotional intelligence – one of the most important strengths of an excellent leader;
  • Create a clear path forward for becoming a servant leader in our county so we can realize the full potential of a prosperous, healthy, thriving community for all people; and
  • Boast a strong network, gain new inspiration, and possess the ability to contribute at a higher level at work and in our community.

Display Your Corporate Leadership & Responsibility: Prominently show your dedication and commitment to both your greatest assets and to our community by:

  • Partnering with LBC for a day of community service. Let’s choose a project that reflects our mutual priorities for improving our community and work together to achieve our community goals.
  • Sponsor one of LBC’s Leadership Learning Days or alumni events to get your brand in front of like-minded corporate leaders.

Help Build Tomorrow’s Leaders: It is more important now than ever before to ensure all people have the opportunity to become their best selves and a community leader by accessing the opportunity to participate in LBC. Consider making a contribution to the Elayne Hettleman Scholarship Campaign so all qualified candidates can benefit from our program, regardless of their means.

Together we can advance as individuals, companies and community. Shoot me an email and let’s talk over a cup of coffee about your interests and goals and how we can support one another. I am looking forward to exploring the possibilities with you!

With gratitude,