LBC Announces a New Diversity Fund

LBC provides a rich learning experience through its signature program. We gather up to 40 leaders every year to engage in deep learning and debate around major issues facing our community and society. Participants explore the challenges and opportunities in areas such as education, public safety, economic development, health care, and more. High level speakers such as the county executive, chief of police, superintendent of schools, corporate presidents, and nonprofit thought leaders participate in the learning days, giving participants access to information and perspectives not typically available to the general public.

LBC wishes to ensure that this valuable experience is also an inclusive one. We seek financial support to help increase the diversity of our class and thereby add additional value to the program.

Donors may choose to sponsor an individual at $4,000 or complete annual scholarship fund of $28,000. Interested funders may contact Mary Kay Page at

LBC also welcomes and encourages nominations of non-traditional candidates. Nominations can be made through our website.

In LBC classes 2016 through 2020, LBC graduated 170 individuals. LBC has exhibited strong representation among women, with 58% percent of participants identifying as female. Racial demographics are intended to reflect that of Baltimore County. The representation of Caucasian/White participants is about 10% higher than the county. Representation of African American/Black participants is about 7% lower than the county overall. Representation of other minority groups such as Latinx, Asian/Pacific Islander, Native American and Middle Eastern groups is very small, and in some cases does not exist at all.

LBC seeks to improve representation of people of color in its classes. Several high quality candidates from minority backgrounds are currently unable to participate for financial reasons. We wish to remove the financial barrier through the creation of a special fund. To meet this goal, LBC aims to raise $18,400 each year for professional development for people of color.

By ensuring diverse voices at the table during LBC’s rich conversations about the well-being of our county, we anticipate:

  • Greater awareness of the experience of black and brown lives in our county.
  • Greater participation in community organizations and movements that raise the voices of people of color.
  • A more diverse and thereby more valuable pool of candidates for employers who show their support of diversity, equity and inclusion work at LBC.
  • A more meaningful experience for all participants and alumni of LBC.

LBC recognizes that tuition is just one barrier that creates inequitable access to opportunities such as community leadership programs. We are actively pursuing strategies to improve the inclusivity of our program, representation in our own leadership, and overall organization communications and practices.