Letter From the President, 10/28/21

Dear Friends,,

On this beautiful, crisp, and chilly fall morning, I have been thinking of the change in seasons and about the upcoming holidays. LBC is finishing the touches on our Annual Holiday Party & Toy Drive and I am hoping to see a ton of alums and friends of LBC coming together (safely and socially distanced, of course) to celebrate one another.

This is the time of year to focus on our family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances, neighbors, pickleball buddies (my newest obsession) and to deepen those bonds. In fact, just last night I had dinner with a brand new LBC board member, Michelle Powell, LBC ’08, because she is the only one of our newly minted board members who participated in LBC prior to my tenure. I wanted to get to know Michelle as the person she is outside of her service to LBC. What are her hopes, dreams, passions, values, interests? How does she spend her “free” time? What can I do to ensure her experiences with LBC are meaningful and rewarding to her? I want to know the whole person. And wow, am I glad I spent time with her. What a dynamic, brilliant, strategic, giving, and loving human being! I am looking forward to getting to know her so much more.

LBC is looking to deepen its relationships with our current corporate sponsoring organizations and to create new corporate relationships. What are your company’s community interests or corporate responsibility priorities? There are many ways that we collaborate with corporations to bring value to the companies, LBC, and our community.

Would you like to participate in an exploratory meeting with your company and LBC board members, alumni, and staff to discover ways we might work together for the good of all? Alums, could LBC deepen its relationship with your company? Let’s set up a meeting to discuss. Contact me!

We are also focused on deepening connections with and amongst all of our alumni. How can we help you get to know who is in the LBC family network? Are there activities that you would find fulfilling that LBC could facilitate? Please let us know your ideas.

Now, allow me to introduce LBC’s new board members. Welcome to:

Dorothy Boulware
The Afro


Georgia Ibar-Wynter
Erickson Living


Sevetra Peoples
Baltimore County Administrative Office


Michelle Powell CareFirst


Patti Provance
United Way


Moire Riley


My sincerest appreciation to our board members whose terms have expired and are rolling off the board. LBC and I are so incredibly grateful for your service. We will miss you!
  • Morlon Bell-Izzard, PEPCO Holdings
  • Remi Ackerman, Erickson Senior Living
  • Antoine Banks, Comcast
  • Matt Gilbert, UPS
  • Ryan Mihalic, CareFirst
  • Ann-Marie Thornton, CCBC
Cheers to a season of bonding and strengthening relationships!