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Join our small, creative, and dynamic team where your contributions matter. Leadership Baltimore County (LBC) is seeking an administrative professional who is organized, driven and an out-of-the-box thinker to join our team on a full-time basis. Together, we direct an annual community leadership program and alumni activities.

Highly motivated, detail-oriented, self-starters who thrive in a team environment are encouraged to apply.

Email resume and cover letter detailing how you are qualified to Applications will be considered on a rolling basis until the position is filled. LBC is an equal opportunity employer and encourages diverse candidates to apply.


TITLE: Administrative Specialist

BACKGROUND: Leadership Baltimore County, Inc. (LBC) is a federally recognized, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization established in 1983. LBC’s mission is to bring high achievers with diverse perspectives together to heighten their civic awareness, enhance their organizational effectiveness and become a driving force for positive change in their workplace and Baltimore County as a whole.

Our mission is achieved through two core programs: Signature and Alumni. Our Signature Program explores the challenges and opportunities facing Baltimore County in monthly day-long sessions from September through June. The hallmarks of our sessions are: (1) engaging dialogues with the movers, shakers, and decision-makers in Baltimore County; and (2) experiential activities in and out of the “classroom.” Topics examined may include economic development, education, public safety, social services, Baltimore County government, Maryland State government, transportation, healthcare, civic engagement, regionalism, diversity, and the environment. Upon graduating from the ten-month program, LBC alumni engage in the community by taking on leadership roles with nonprofit and community organizations, and/or government advisory boards or task forces. Our Alumni Program provides ongoing learning and engaging activities for its alumni of approximately 1,200 individuals.

Position descriptions are a general depiction of assignments. Since LBC has a small staff and an extensive array of tasks, our team is flexible and expects to be called upon in a variety of ways that cannot always be anticipated in the position description.

CULTURE: LBC has a small staff of three full-time employees. We work closely together, collaborating and communicating daily. We value systems thinking (viewing each of our projects as they fit with our current strategies and projects, organizational mission, the needs in our region, and the greater good), critical thinking (challenging the status quo and supporting continual improvement), and courageous authenticity (speaking up for what you believe.)

JOB OBJECTIVE: To ensure that all of LBC’s administrative functions run efficiently, effectively, and accurately using appropriate technology and project management systems.

ACCOUNTABILITY: Directly reports to the President/CEO.

CLASSIFICATION: This is a full-time, non-exempt position.

SCHEDULE: In addition to regular responsibilities, support is required at in-person events including an overnight retreat in September, monthly Retreat Days from October through June, and alumni events which may occur in the mornings or evenings. Some job functions may be performed remotely.

RESPONSIBILITIES: Provide all administrative support across all aspects of the organization.

Data Management

  • Oversee continual quality improvement of the CRM (Constituent Relationship Management) system (Salesforce) by initiating new procedures, fields, and functions as needed and connecting staff with training resources.
  • Create and monitor monthly dashboards utilizing existing reports and forms
  • Maintain the database and email marketing platform (Salesforce and Mailchimp) with up-to-date information on class members, alumni, dues, events, donors, stakeholders, etc.
  • Research contact information for all various stakeholders
  • Create ad hoc reports, as needed
  • Maintain online member directory

Signature Program

  • Arrange for all candidate interviews upon receiving online applications
  • Schedule alumni to serve as interviewers
  • Prepare and distribute applications and other necessary documents to all interviewers
  • Collect candidate rating sheets after interviews
  • Create and send acceptance packets to new class members
  • Ensure receipt of and maintain all documents new class members must sign and remit
  • Identify and manage the booking of the opening retreat venue
  • Prepare class roster and binders for Opening Retreat
  • Order meals and refreshments for all events as needed (i.e., Information Breakfasts, Retreat Days, Center Stage event, alumni events, etc.)
  • Provide event management support for Retreat Days such as securing space, preparing name tags and signage, packing supplies, supporting health and safety protocols, arranging transportation, creating online evaluations, creating thank you letters for speakers, etc.
  • Attend Retreat Days, manage registration and catering, assist with note taking and photography
  • Select, order, and prepare commencement gifts for class members

Alumni Program

  • Manage alumni and public events as needed, including developing and managing event planning timelines, promoting events through social media, tracking registration, and providing reports to the Alumni Engagement Committee
  • Compile reports on each event and record attendance in Salesforce
  • Coordinate alumni membership campaign
  • Create or update cover letter
  • Create invoices
  • Generate mailing lists
  • Utilize Salesforce to send email reminders
  • Track payments in the database, QuickBooks, and best class ever spreadsheet

Fund Development & Financial

  • Prepare invoices for sponsors, tuition, and board pledges
  • Create thank you letters for donors
  • Enter transactions in QuickBooks, reconcile bank and investment accounts monthly
  • Prepare monthly financial statement reports for President & CEO
  • Assist with sponsorship solicitations for Retreat Days, alumni events, and Commencement/All Class Reunion
  • Assist with recruitment, as needed
  • Provide accounting firm with the documentation needed to prepare year-end financials and 990

Board and Committees

  • Send calendar invitations to all board members each new calendar year
  • Prepare and distribute board packets one week before each meeting
  • Prepare and update electronic board binders annually
  • Schedule new board member orientation meetings
  • Ensure receipt of and maintain all documents board members must sign and remit
  • Schedule Zoom meetings for virtual board meetings and secure location for in-person meetings
  • Order food and provide administrative support for an annual board retreat
  • Provide logistical support for committee meetings, as requested


  • Order office supplies
  • Create weekly staff meeting agendas


  • Proven ability in database management / CRM systems, preferably Salesforce
  • Knowledge and experience with bookkeeping and financial management
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite
  • Demonstrated flexibility and excellent organizational skills
  • Ability to pay close attention to detail with a high degree of accuracy
  • Effective written, verbal, and listening communications skills
  • Ability to manage multiple assignments, set priorities, meet goals and deadlines, and adapt to changing conditions
  • Ability to set and adhere to high standards
  • Respect and appreciation for diverse perspectives as well as a sensitivity to those who may be “different” than you
  • Ability to find solutions to problems using creativity, reasoning, and past experiences along with the available information and resources
  • Ability to work well independently as well as part of a team
  • Ability to exercise initiative, good judgment, and discretion
  • Ability to plan activities and programs such as meetings, orientations, retreats
  • Ability to work a variable schedule on occasion, including early mornings, evenings, and/or weekends for scheduled meetings and events


Well-rounded leaders understand healthcare trends and effects

Class of 2022 shown in individual screens on ZoomLeadership Baltimore County Class of 2022 examines the health of our community

More than two years into a global pandemic, we have had a crash course in how critically healthcare underpins society and has far-reaching effects on everything from the economy to education. For those working in healthcare or dealing with a personal medical condition, the topic is always front and center. For others, the impact of health care on our daily lives can be more subtle, even hidden.

Leadership Baltimore County regularly asks its classes to take a closer look at healthcare. As leaders in our community, a deeper understanding of healthcare helps shape better public policy, business decisions, social justice and the future of the greater Baltimore region.

It’s a massive topic to tackle in a single day. Sponsored by CareFirst, the LBC Class of 2022 brought in healthcare experts to provide their perspectives, including Dr. Gregory Branch, director of Health and Human Services for Baltimore County, Pothik Chatterjee, AVP Innovation & Operations Support at LifeBridge Health; Emily Durfee, director of Strategy & Portfolio Acceleration at Healthworx, CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield; Sarah Kachur, executive director of Population Health Analytics, Strategy and Solutions at Johns Hopkins Healthcare Solutions; and Jill Degraff, vice president of Regulatory of b.well Connected Health. Their insights were invaluable.

Dr. Branch focused on how effective leadership in times of crisis begins by planning in times of stability, before you get to the crisis like a pandemic.  It means building a skeleton infrastructure in advance, testing organization-wide communication systems and having a strong team that can all adapt to any crisis that arises.

Dr. Branch speaks on Zoom“I really appreciated Dr. Branch’s enthusiasm, knowledge and dedication,” said one class member.

Pothik Chatterjee, talked about the need to explore new ways of getting health care messages to people, sharing an example of partnering with barber shops to deliver health information and leveraging technology to reduce emergency re-admissions. The approach helped LifeBridge clearly imagine how innovation can impact wellness in our community.

Emily Durfee, Jill Degraff and Sarah Kucher all talked about the revolution in data analytics that illuminate new approaches and help people get to care with as little friction as possible. While data creates insights, it is critical that healthcare organizations invest in building trust and transparency with patients and communities.

Class participants were also able to virtually tour the emergency department of the University of Maryland St. Joseph Medical Center. In Maryland, there is a unique approach to the economics of healthcare, rewarding hospitals to take a more active role in preventative health measures designed to deliver care that keeps people with recurring conditions out of emergency rooms.

The state’s global hospital budget model sets the prices hospitals can charge, also known as all-payer rate setting. Maryland has also capped how much health spending can grow overall, including hospital revenue.

Four speakers (one man and three women) speak to class in individual Zoom screens.Although unique in the U.S., it is a more common model worldwide. It is designed to contain healthcare costs. Hospitals in Maryland are incentivized by treating the condition, rather than full waiting rooms.

While the model’s effectiveness is still under evaluation, LBC classes are made aware of the unique system in our state — a critical starting point in conversations on rising costs, healthcare workforce development, health insurance policy and treatment innovations.

The class also examined how social factors determine the quality of a person’s health. Social determinants like income level, race, and where you live are all factors.  Poor environmental conditions, access to clean water and nutritious food sources, and proximity to quality health care institutions shape health.

Ryan Mihalic, LBC ’18, of CareFirst said the healthcare insurer is aiming to create fair opportunity for people to be as healthy as possible. They are working more on understanding and addressing social determinants of health.

To examine this topic, LBC ’22 class members adopted personas with different social determinants to better understand challenges they might face in getting treatment for cancer. They looked at differences in access to transportation, distance from healthcare, and access to funds/insurance as factors in treatment.

The LBC health care session was a chance for leaders to build a deeper understanding of this critical topic, hear from local experts, understand how healthcare interconnects with other issues, and even try to experience another person’s journey to better inform their own.

Congratulations to the Heatlh Care Day Planning Team for putting together such an engaging day:

Credit: Guest writer Aaron Koos, LBC ’21, with BGE.

Baltimore County Leader Insight: Pothik Chatterjee

A special interview: February 2022

Pothik Chatterjee serves as the AVP at LifeBridge Health, overseeing the Innovation & Operations Support, which has received multiple awards including Becker’s Top 40 programs and Corporate Innovation of the Year from Technical.Ly Baltimore. His scope includes oversight of operations in digital health, patient access and biomedical research. His team manages digital health and research partnerships with payers, pharmaceuticals and biotech companies. He also manages the LifeBridge Health & CareFirst Innovation Fund and the upcoming Innovation Center in Baltimore.

Before LifeBridge, Pothik co-founded Brigham Innovation Hub at Partners Healthcare where he also supported ambulatory growth and network development for the Brigham Physicians’ Organization in Boston. Pothik completed his MBA at Harvard Business School, his MA from Johns Hopkins University and graduated from Georgetown University with honors. Pothik was selected to the Baltimore Business Journal’s “40 Under 40” list in 2019.


How is LifeBridge leading innovation in healthcare?

LifeBridge Health has an illustrious history of innovation, dating back to 1969 when Dr. Morton Mower met Dr. Michel Mirowski at Sinai Hospital in Baltimore. Together, they co-invented the Automatic Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator, now implanted in well over 300,000 patients. The ICD monitors and corrects abnormal heart rhythms and is 99% effective in treating sudden cardiac interest.

Today, LifeBridge is leading innovation in healthcare in several areas – including health technology (with our 1501 Health incubator and investment program for early stage digital health startups), biomedical innovation (our LifeBridge Health BioIncubator at Sinai Hospital) and community health programs like our Community Mobile Clinic that provides Covid vaccines for vulnerable communities in West Baltimore.


How do you think technology is changing the relationship between patients and providers?

Technology has progressed at a remarkably rapid pace, with the rise of automation, AI and machine learning, and those developments are transforming healthcare delivery and how patients access care and monitor their healthcare symptoms, medications and treatment plans. The pandemic led to a historic acceleration in telemedicine and in our “new normal” we are seeing a hybrid of in-person and virtual visits, particular for lower acuity and chronic conditions. Patients expect digital services in healthcare, whether it’s for online scheduling, finding providers or communication post-discharge through a mobile app for follow-up appointments and automated reminders.

Now that our electronic medical records are digitized, I see tremendous opportunities through harnessing automation and predictive analytics on data to deliver insights that can lead to earlier detection and diagnosis. At LifeBridge Health, we used RAPID technology to use AI to quickly analyze the CT and MRI scans of patients having acute strokes to optimize patient selection for transfer and thrombectomy, reducing “speed to decision” time to generally less than two minutes.


How are you inspiring the next generation of healthcare advocates and front line workers?

Sometimes the best ideas and inspiration for healthcare innovation come from other industries! One example is Even Health, a mental wellness startup in our 1501 Health program, that initially focused on the U.S. military. They developed Cabana, a digital counseling platform designed for anonymous group support in a virtual reality (VR) setting. Over time, they found that mental health and wellness were also major needs for providers on the front lines, particularly as we enter the third year of the global Covid pandemic and increasing levels of provider burnout and mental stress. Cabana was introduced to LifeBridge Health employees in January 2022 and it is truly inspiring to see how Cabana is helping to reduce the stigma of therapy and mental health for providers at a crucial time.


What life experience has most shaped who you are as a leader?

The intersection of several life experiences have shaped me as a leader. As an immigrant son of an Indian family that lived across three continents before settling in the United States, I have learned to be adaptable, adventurous and appreciate both cultural differences and the common values that bind us together as human beings like integrity, honesty and teamwork. As a proud member of the LGBTQ community, I learned about leadership from my early days at Georgetown University undergrad, marching with the Human Rights Campaign for Pride in Washington D.C. and advocating for equality for students of all sexual orientations and gender identities in a Catholic setting.

I am passionate about healthcare innovation and adopting a mindset where we strive to understand and incorporate the perspective of diverse patients and vulnerable populations that have been underserved historically. The pandemic brought to light some of these longstanding inequities here in the United States, and my hope is that we can help to reduce the digital divide and promote healthcare access and care for all members of our communities.


In your opinion, what personal trait is most important to being a good leader and why?

Humility – the wiliness to learn and grow from each experience. I am a strong proponent of the Servant Leader philosophy and I am indebted to our fantastic Innovation team at LifeBridge Health and all our collaborators within the health system and the Baltimore ecosystem that help us tackle complex challenges with a creative mindset, and stay true to our mission to improve care for our patients.


Class of 2022’s Behind-the-Scenes Virtual Tour of Emergency Department

Students from the Class of 2022 participate in a virtual tour through Zoom.In preparation for the upcoming Health Care Day on Feb. 9, the LBC Class of 2022 took a virtual behind-the-scenes tour of UM St. Joseph Medical Group’s Emergency Department.

Nurse Manager Beth Nash shared many insights with the class. For example, the ED sees about 130 people each day and that the ED opened a Flex Care Unit in January 2020 to better serve behavioral health needs.

The ED staff is committed and compassionate, but needs the help of our community leaders to meet the ever-growing demand. Some of the ED’s immediate needs include:

  • Support for patients with autism, such as referrals for bed placement and in-home resources
  • Training for hospital security personnel
  • Training for clinical staff on personal safety
  • Psychiatry student rotations
  • Advocate for more pediatric services of all types
  • Child life specialist volunteers
  • Video games, books, puzzles, games, crayons
  • Group and individual counseling for clinical staff

If you or your company can help with any of the ED needs, please contact Beth Nash at

Let’s see our LBC alumni network in action!

Baltimore County Leader Insight: Mark Millspaugh

Baltimore County L:eader Insight, Mark Millspaugh, Director, Baltimore County Department of Social Services


A special interview, January 2022

  1. What is the most important issue facing the Baltimore County Department of Social Services (BCoDSS) right now and how are you working to address it?

BCoDSS believes that strong families are the essential building blocks for strong communities, and strong communities are the essential building blocks for a strong County, State and Nation.  As such, supporting families is essential so that all members from all generations are able to meet their full potential. Sadly, we continue to see the negative impacts of substance use, mental health disorders, trauma and the many ramifications of poverty create challenges for families that prevent them from fulfilling their potential as the strong building blocks we know they can be.

  1. How are you and your department inspiring the next generation of social workers?

What we do in the Department of Social Services isn’t rocket science; it’s a lot harder.  Each human brain is different and reacts differently to intervention.  As such, the same effective intervention used for one person may not work for another.  That makes our work challenging but also very rewarding.  We literally work in an agency where every employee can make a significant, positive difference in at least one person’s life every day.  What could be more inspiring than that?  As our recruitment ad says: Find a job that matters!”

  1. What life experience has most shaped who you are as a leader?

I think all leaders are shaped by the amalgamation of experiences throughout their lives since good leaders are always learning and adapting.  From “learning what not to do” from a particularly ineffectual leader you previously worked with (or for), to “picking the brain” of a mentor who teaches critical lessons of leadership, we all develop skills through observation, study, trial and error.  As for life experiences that have shaped me, I have chosen to work in a “helping field” for my entire career after attending a Quaker college that emphasized the values of Simplicity, Peace, Integrity, Community, Equality and Stewardship.

  1. Where do you have the most impact?

The Department of Social Services has a broad and deep impact in promoting individual well-being, protecting vulnerable children and adults from abuse or neglect, and providing the supports needed to help people achieve and sustain independence. We do this through a variety of programs and services delivered efficiently and effectively that demonstrate the best practice standards outlined through the Council on Accreditation.  My role is to empower and support leaders at all levels of the Department to achieve these outcomes.

  1. In your opinion, what personal trait is most important to being a good leader and why?

Being open-minded is an essential aspect of leadership and one I continually strive to achieve.  The last 22 months has proven that no leader can predict the future and no leader has all the answers to what life may bring forth.  Being agile, accepting input from others, and being willing to try new things are all parts of being “open-minded” in my leadership style.  In my experience, autocrats don’t last long and their organizations don’t grow and prosper since they are closed to other people’s ideas and don’t grow new leaders.

National Kidney Foundation Volunteer Opportunities

LBC receives requests for volunteers from community organizations. Please see the details below regarding a request from the National Kidney Foundation serving Maryland and Delaware.

Organization Name: National Kidney Foundation serving Maryland and Delaware

Organization Website:

Contact Name: Kristin Brooks

Contact Email:

Contact Phone Number: 443-322-0377

Organization Mission: The National Kidney Foundation, a major voluntary nonprofit health organization, is dedicated to preventing kidney disease, improving the health and well-being of individuals and families affected by kidney disease and increasing the availability of kidneys for transplantation.

Volunteer Opportunity: Board Member, Committee Member, Boots on the ground volunteers, Grant Writers, and more!

National Kidney Foundation Serving Maryland & Delaware volunteers are essential to hundreds of local Kidney Walk, NKF Golf Classic, or other social events. Rally your tribe of kidney health warriors and meet others who share your vision of a world without Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD). Without you, it doesn’t happen! Volunteers help educate patients and perform kidney health screenings and outreach on whole communities for kidney disease each year. Professional volunteers put their expertise to work for people, advancing kidney disease diagnosis, and treatment. It takes a community of passionate families, patients, professionals, and friends to keep our mission moving forward: we rely on volunteers to raise critical funds, open doors and be our kidney health ambassadors on social media. Volunteer advocates use their compelling personal experiences of living daily with kidney disease to make it real for government policy makers and motivate them to pass legislation affecting millions of lives.

Volunteer opportunities link-

If you would like to learn about other volunteer opportunities please contact Kristin Brooks 443-322-0377

Letter From the President, 10/28/21

Dear Friends,,

On this beautiful, crisp, and chilly fall morning, I have been thinking of the change in seasons and about the upcoming holidays. LBC is finishing the touches on our Annual Holiday Party & Toy Drive and I am hoping to see a ton of alums and friends of LBC coming together (safely and socially distanced, of course) to celebrate one another.

This is the time of year to focus on our family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances, neighbors, pickleball buddies (my newest obsession) and to deepen those bonds. In fact, just last night I had dinner with a brand new LBC board member, Michelle Powell, LBC ’08, because she is the only one of our newly minted board members who participated in LBC prior to my tenure. I wanted to get to know Michelle as the person she is outside of her service to LBC. What are her hopes, dreams, passions, values, interests? How does she spend her “free” time? What can I do to ensure her experiences with LBC are meaningful and rewarding to her? I want to know the whole person. And wow, am I glad I spent time with her. What a dynamic, brilliant, strategic, giving, and loving human being! I am looking forward to getting to know her so much more.

LBC is looking to deepen its relationships with our current corporate sponsoring organizations and to create new corporate relationships. What are your company’s community interests or corporate responsibility priorities? There are many ways that we collaborate with corporations to bring value to the companies, LBC, and our community.

Would you like to participate in an exploratory meeting with your company and LBC board members, alumni, and staff to discover ways we might work together for the good of all? Alums, could LBC deepen its relationship with your company? Let’s set up a meeting to discuss. Contact me!

We are also focused on deepening connections with and amongst all of our alumni. How can we help you get to know who is in the LBC family network? Are there activities that you would find fulfilling that LBC could facilitate? Please let us know your ideas.

Now, allow me to introduce LBC’s new board members. Welcome to:

Dorothy Boulware
The Afro


Georgia Ibar-Wynter
Erickson Living


Sevetra Peoples
Baltimore County Administrative Office


Michelle Powell CareFirst


Patti Provance
United Way


Moire Riley


My sincerest appreciation to our board members whose terms have expired and are rolling off the board. LBC and I are so incredibly grateful for your service. We will miss you!
  • Morlon Bell-Izzard, PEPCO Holdings
  • Remi Ackerman, Erickson Senior Living
  • Antoine Banks, Comcast
  • Matt Gilbert, UPS
  • Ryan Mihalic, CareFirst
  • Ann-Marie Thornton, CCBC
Cheers to a season of bonding and strengthening relationships!

Community Board Opportunity: CCBC

LBC receives requests for volunteers from community organizations. Please see the details below regarding a request from the CCBC Foundation Board.

Organization Name: CCBC Foundation Board

Organization Website:

Contact Name: Ken Westary

Contact Email:

Contact Phone Number: 410-244-7678

Organization Mission: The Community College of Baltimore County Foundation, Inc. is an affiliated 501(c) (3) nonprofit corporation established in 2005 to provide external funding support for the Community College of Baltimore County. Under the leadership of the board of directors, the CCBC Foundation seeks contributions from alumni, local businesses, corporations, employees, foundations and individuals to support student scholarships, cultural and curriculum development, facilities and equipment needs and other programs and activities that benefit the college.

Volunteer Opportunity: Board Member, Committee Member, Event Planning

Desired Skills:

  • Administrative
  • Development
  • Event Planning
  • Finances
  • Human Resources
  • Law
  • Marketing
  • Organizational Development
  • Public Advocacy/Policy
  • Strategic Planning/Positioning
  • Technology

Board Responsibilities:

  • Financial Commitment
  • Time Commitment
  • Fund Development
  • Serve on Committee