To bring high achievers with diverse perspectives together to heighten their civic awareness, enhance their organizational effectiveness and become a driving force for positive change in their workplace and the Baltimore County community/region.


Baltimore County is acclaimed for being a vibrant, healthy and inclusive community with rich cultural diversity.

Our members address all challenges head-on and are not afraid to dive into delicate issues or face the facts.



Leadership Baltimore County (LBC) was incorporated in 1983 to make Baltimore County a better place to live and work. The organization was first developed as a program of the Baltimore County Chamber of Commerce, an organization which LBC has worked closely with throughout its entire history. Several of its founders remained active through much of the early years and beyond, with special commendation to Elayne Hettlemen, the founding executive director who drove the organization for 30 years, and Mike Chesser and Robert Olsen who served on the founding board and remained active for many years.

The program finds exceptional people who ask “what can I do to help,” and provides a 10-month experience of learning about the county, developing new relationships, and growing as individuals. Through close working relationship with county leaders such as the county executive, superintendent of schools, state and local representatives, corporate leaders, and nonprofit leaders, LBC is able to provide direct access to thought leaders who help support high quality monthly learning sessions.

Since 2016, participants have engaged in a 360-degree leadership assessment, and with an executive coaching debriefing session, learn how to capitalize on their strengths and practice building “future strengths” with peers in a safe environment. This not only enhances their value to their employer, and opens career advancement opportunities, but it enhances leadership effectiveness in our community.

Graduates of the 10-month program benefit from an extensive alumni network and exclusive alumni events. The small powerhouse staff and volunteers on the Alumni Engagement Committee work continuously to curate thought provoking events and activities.

From networking events and immersive educational summits, to civic engagement, our leaders are equipped to innovate positive solutions in our community. Our members address challenges head-on and actively work to improve areas such as public safety, health and social services in the Baltimore County community and region.


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