Applying to the LBC Board of Directors

The mission of Leadership Baltimore County is to bring high achievers with diverse perspectives together to heighten their civic awareness, enhance their organizational effectiveness and become a driving force for positive change in their workplace and Baltimore County as a whole.

The Board of Directors, acting as a single entity, is legally and ethically responsible for all activities of the organization. Individual board members have an obligation to uphold the standards of conduct set for them by the board and applicable laws.


If you wish to apply, please review the Roles & Responsibilities below and complete the application form that follows.


The Board, as a whole, is responsible for:

  • Establishing the mission of the organization
  • Determining how the organization carries out its mission through long-range and short-range planning
  • Hiring, evaluating, and supporting the Chief Executive Officer
  • Establishing policies that ensure best practices are followed
  • Ensuring legal compliance
  • Acquiring and maintaining resources
  • Adopting an annual budget
  • Providing ongoing fiscal oversight
    • Engaging an Auditor or initiating an independent financial review
    • Reviewing Form 990 prior to its submission
    • Ensuring the organization has the financial resources necessary to carry out its mission
  • Maintaining the Board
    • Recruiting new members
    • Orienting and training board members
    • Developing board leadership to maintain continuity and institutional knowledge
    • Assessing the board’s performance annually
  • Providing oversight to ensure the organization is making progress in achieving its mission

Responsibilities of individual Directors include:

  • Understanding and promoting LBC’s mission
  • Gaining a working knowledge of LBC’s programs, services, and delivery models
  • Being a working member of at least one board committee, workgroup, or project annually
  • Recruiting one participant for each cohort
  • Advocating for the organization
  • Helping to create awareness and educating the community about LBC
  • Identifying and avoiding conflicts of interest
  • Offering, if not asked, to participate in activities where you have experience, expertise, or interest
  • Asking questions
  • Being respectful of differing opinions
  • Being open-minded to diverse ideas
  • Actively participating in board meetings, an annual Board planning retreat, and annual board meeting
  • Participating in an annual board self-assessment
  • Reviewing Board meeting materials before the meeting

Annual Financial and Resource Development Expectations

  • Recruiting a minimum of one class participant for each cohort
  • Joining at the Standard Membership level or above
  • Committing to give or raise a minimum of $1,000 through any one or combination of the following methods:
    • Securing corporate partnerships or sponsorships
    • Leveraging in-kind contributions to defray approved expenses in the budget
    • Making a personal contribution
    • OPTIONAL: Board members may secure two class members instead of giving or raising the $1,000 contribution
  • Participating in resource development and fundraising:
    • Identifying and assisting in the cultivation of potential donors (individuals, corporations, or foundations)
    • Planning and implementing fundraising events LBC may choose to hold

Time Demands

  • Attend and actively participate in at least 75% of Board meetings in a 12-month period (typically, there are 4 board meetings each year, scheduled for the 2nd Wednesday of January, April, June, and October from 7:45 – 9:30 a.m.)
  • Participate on a committee/project/workgroup (estimated as 1-3 hours per month)
  • Participate in an annual board retreat
  • Attend the annual meeting on the second Wednesday morning in October
  • Attend as many alumni events as possible; minimally two per year (the Annual Toy Drive & Holiday Party and the Commencement Celebration)
  • Participate in an orientation and training for new Board members
  • Review Board meeting materials prior to the meeting (will be sent out one week in advance


LBC Board of Directors Application

If you are interested in applying to LBC's Board of Directors, please complete this form.

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