Inaugural LBC Referral Program

Welcome to LBC’s New Referral Program!

We believe the best way to strengthen Baltimore County and build LBC’s invaluable network is to include you, the community and LBC alumni, in referring the best candidates. And, we are making it worth your while to participate. For each eligible referral you make, you will be entered into a drawing to win the big prize. This is a win-win-win proposition – the more excellent candidates LBC accepts into its program, the better for Baltimore County, LBC and you!

Enjoy a memorable and delectable dinner for two at the renowned Citron, an upscale contemporary restaurant with exquisite views of Quarry Lake, followed by a romantic night’s stay at the Gramercy Mansion, an intimate, award-winning estate that is nestled in the bucolic hills of the Greenspring Valley.

Couple having dinner on valentines day

Gramercy Mansion

Nomination Rules 

  1. LBC’s referral program is open to anyone who wishes to nominate a candidate 
  2. All nominees must meet the eligibility requirements stated below to qualify for this program.  
  3. Every qualified nomination = 1 entry for the big prize drawing to be conducted in the fall. 
  4. First-time submissions of any given nominee will count in this giveaway. A second time nomination of the same person by the same nominator will not count.  
  5. Multiple submissions of the same nominee will count one time for each different nominator. 
  6. Nominations of LBC alumni will not count. 
  7. Nominations must be submitted through the online form and include email and phone number of nominee. 
  8. LBC board members are not eligible until they’ve satisfied their Board obligation to secure one class member. All additional nominations are eligible. 
  9. Staff and outside consulting firms hired to assist with outreach are ineligible. 

Qualified Nominations 

In order for a nomination to qualify for this program, the following criteria must be met: 

  • Nominee has not participated in LBC before; 
  • Nominee is at the director/VP level or above (exact title is not as important as standing in company); 
  • Nominee has demonstrated interest in supporting the community; 
  • Nominator believes nominee will both contribute to and benefit from the LBC experience; and 
  • Candidates not nominated by their employers should be able to gain approval for the time off from work and be capable of raising the financial resources to participate in LBC’s program. 

Below is the link to nominate a candidate