Letter From the President

While these are extraordinary times with great challenges, I have been so encouraged by the LBC community. As I consider the three major challenges our world is grappling with – a global pandemic and related economic down turn, a fight to end systemic racism, and climate change – I look to this amazing community and see so much promise. We have members who are:

  • Leading the way in discussion and action around building equity and inclusion;
  • Driving the census to ensure that proper funding and support is available in our community;
  • Supporting teachers and school administrators as they take on the greatest challenge of our generation;
  • Helping small business develop strategies to survive and even thrive; and
  • Delivering critical services such as meal delivery, physical and mental health care and public safety.

At LBC, we are rising to the occasion by:

  • Offering free information, connections and resources to our community regarding the pandemic;
  • Innovating service delivery formats to ensure our ability to deliver high-quality services in the midst of the pandemic;
  • Tackling current issues in our programs with open conversation, enlightening information and raw emotions;
  • Adopting strict safety protocols to keep guest speakers, class members, alumni, staff and our community safe; and
  • Standing up for the Black Lives Matter movement to advance equity and inclusion for all.

While there is so much more to do, LBC, like all nonprofits and most businesses, is being deleteriously impacted by the pandemic, too. Yet, we know that leadership is needed now more than ever. As a small nonprofit, we need your support so we can not only survive, but lead in these tough times. Would you take a moment to consider supporting LBC in any of the following ways?

To balance the perspective of all our challenges, I am grateful for the many positive things that have resulted from Covid-19:

  • A greener earth
  • More connected communities as neighbors look after one another;
  • A sharper focus on the things that matter most (relationships);
  • Newly learned technology and expertise;
  • Improved methodologies for delivering services;
  • Safer hygiene practices; and
  • Newly acquired experience in adapting / pivoting / shifting…

Speaking of shifting, I am excited to implement a whole new schedule and condensed timeline for the upcoming Class of 2021. We have been preparing for this potential change for many months and I am looking forward to sharing the experience with a whole new cohort of truly impressive class members – wait until you meet them! Since we delayed the start until January, it is not too late to be a part of the experience with us.

Finally, I would like to express my deepest sympathy to the family and friends of Kim Ward, LBC ’92. Kim was a phenomenal woman, as Maya Angelou would have said. I first met Kim when we played basketball in grade school (we were not in the same year). She was the fiercest player on her team and won the accolades of our coach and the whole basketball playing community. Little did I know then that her determination to be her best was a preview of how she would live her entire life. I was delighted to reconnect with Kim when I arrived at LBC and she served on what was then the Alumni Board. She was a great advocate and supporter of LBC and I will miss her wise counsel. Rest in peace and rise in glory, Kim. Job well done, my friend.

With appreciation,