LBC RFP for Business Process and Database Project

LBC is seeking proposals for conducting an analysis of its business processes and database and implementing changes to improve organizational efficiency and effectiveness. Click the link below for details.

Leadership Baltimore County Business Process and Database Project Proposal


Question and Answer Available as of 11/22/21:

1. The timeline shows decision notification to take place on 1/26 – when does LBC anticipate kick-off of the project after decision notification?
Ideally, the start date will be mid to late February. The date can be adjusted by 3-5 weeks depending on the availability of the selected vendor.
2. Is there a target finish date, deadline(s), and/or dependencies related to project completion?
LBC anticipates that this project will take about 4-6 months to complete. LBC staff tends to be less available mid-May through early June, thus that period may be a bit slower. LBC does not have a specific timeline or milestones created at this point.
3. Is a formal SOP Manual (Standard Operating Procedure) a deliverable, or is the expectation for more simplified reference resources to accompany onboarding?
LBC is looking for easy-to-use references to guide staff in the usage of the reports, dashboards, and systems created.
4. The reports found in Appendix A were not explicitly listed as a Deliverable or Known Database Need (though found in Project Goals).  For our clarity, are these part of the scope for this engagement, or provided as part of a roadmap for a future initiative?  If current scope, do you envision their creation in more of a Dashboard or Report format (or could that vary from report to report)?
LBC does want the reports listed to be created as part of the deliverables. We would like both a dashboard and reports.
5. Who is the primary point of contact throughout the duration?
Mary Kay Page will be the primary point of contact throughout the project.
6. We want to make sure you realize the value of this important project.  Are you able/comfortable sharing the budget or target investment for you to realize that value?
LBC cannot share the budget for this project.