Community Board Opportunity: TurnAround, Inc.

LBC receives requests for volunteers from community organizations. Please see the details below regarding board members for TurnAround.


Organization Name: TurnAround, Inc.

Organization Website:

Contact Name: Amanda Rodriguez

Contact Email:

Contact Phone Number: (410) 377-8111

Organization Mission: TurnAround provides comprehensive services to survivors of domestic violence, sexual violence, and human trafficking in Baltimore City and Baltimore County, Maryland. We are the only organization in the Baltimore area with the mission, expertise, and capacity to work with this range of victimizations and we are the designated rape crisis center for those jurisdictions. In addition, TurnAround is one of Maryland’s comprehensive domestic violence providers and runs a certified Abuser Intervention Program.

Volunteer Opportunity: Board Member

Community Board Opportunity: BCPL

LBC receives requests for volunteers from community organizations. Please see the details below regarding board members for the Foundation for Baltimore County Public Library.


Organization Name: Foundation for Baltimore County Public Library

Organization Website:

Contact Name: Linda Frederick, LBC ’15

Contact Email:

Contact Phone Number: 410-887-2457

Organization Mission: Foundation for Baltimore County Public Library provides additional resources to enrich the library’s commitment to empower the citizens of Baltimore County to explore, learn, create and connect. The Foundation views reading as a critical and fundamental tool for overall connection to the community, development of curiosity and exploration of the world. The Foundation motivates all customers of Baltimore County Public Library, regardless of age or economic circumstance, to embrace lifelong learning. The Foundation’s support of the library is made possible by contributions by individuals, businesses and other foundations.

Volunteer Opportunity: Board Member

Desired Skills:

  • Administrative
  • Event Planning
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing
  • Organizational Development
  • Public Advocacy/Policy
  • Strategic Planning/Positioning
  • Grant research and writing. Capital campaign experience.

Board Responsibilities:

  • Financial Commitment
  • Time Commitment
  • Fund Development
  • Serve on Committee

Hopes and Dreams Class of 2021

Leadership Baltimore County Hopes and Dreams ( LBC Class of 2021)
• Honor diversity voices. Work. Equally weight our voices. Beware of negotiation of power.
• Hope. There are two sides to every story.
• A robust public relations campaign for police. Change in politicians. Solutions to the opiate crisis.
• Hope is kindness to all.
• Avoiding group think and going with existing systems because we aren’t sure if or how we can challenge them.
• Less polarization and more compassion. What do we have in common?
• Accountability.
• I hope everyone sets to experience walking in one’s shoes.
• Awareness of power dynamics.
• I hope that we ignite an opportunity to write the Baltimore County community in a way that all can live well and be well.
• Training for all in PTSD + Trauma informed care and practices in workplace.
• Respect perspectives. Ask questions + listen to stories. Empathy.
• My hope is that external voices no longer override personal relationships.
• I dream that one day we can dismantle systemic racism that has pervaded many of the foundations of institutions that serve as the bedrock of out community.
• More experimental with de-escalation.
• Thankful we live in a time we can express our true selves.
• Grow with focus on awareness mutual respect and community commitment t to being a great place to live in, work, and raise a family.
• Empathy.
• Less gun violence. Real opportunities for all.
• Hope + dream for equity.
• More consultation with police forces from other countries.
• I hope the stigma of first responders needing mental health services actually goes away.
• I hope that people, organizations, companies and communities all take a visitor interest to working together to imprint our communities and human conditions.
• Not colorblind but color ambiguous. Neutral playing field. Opportunity. Selection for skill + talent.
• Culturally awake.
• Hope and dream that as a community we address the issues at a deeper level so that everyone feels safe.
• Kindness.
• I hope that we begin to address true root causes of problems. Poverty, systemic racism, bad drugs policy, and gun control. Stop asking police to solve these problems.
• Hopes that more people will engage in this courageous conversation so that people can begin to open their “fellow people” and learn to agree to disagree rather than hate and have respect for all.
• I hope to continue listening, learning, and improving my understanding and awareness of others. I hope to begin the conversation open and going.
• Open minded.
• Get to the core of an individual and ask more questions. Leaders that make the wrong decision should apologize.
• Actual conversation built in openness and empathy.
• Understanding.
• I hope that funding becomes available for tide-along social workers.
• Awareness of the true impacts of systems + structures.
• Return of civility.
• All lives are treated equal.
• Be kind and understanding to one another.
• Respect.
• Equal opportunity.
• Equitable community.
• Our country becomes more united.
• Hope for my black + brown family to be safe everywhere.
• A would where empathy leads.
• Equality.
• Let’s be citizens of the world.
• Appreciate the 99% of positive interactions by our public servants + communities.
• Clear the slate when we meet people. assumptions cause us to miss opportunities from learning from one another.
• Peace.
• Dream of society that takes on challenges openly + respects others.
• Dreams that my great grandchildren will not experience what my children & grandchildren have experienced.
• Harder lobby against automatic weapons.
• I hope people see each other as first and lead with love and an open heart.
• Hope is to hear from all sides and listen for understanding.
• More social workers on police forces.
• Be authentic without blow back.
• More understanding.
• Build a future of peace, where people of all races can live in harmony.



Word cloud with the class of '22 Hopes and Dreams list

2020 & 2021 List of Graduates

Class of 2020 Graduates

Antoine Banks, Comcast Cable Corp.
Tameka Bell, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
Mehmet Boz, KCI Technologies
Patricia Bradley, Towson University
Danielle Bradshaw-Lee, BG&E
Monique Cephas, Social Security Administration
Dawn Chrystal-Wolfe, The Y in Central Maryland
Mitchell Clay, University of MD St. Joseph Medical Group
Leah Covington, BGE
Jennifer Cox, Baltimore County Public Schools
Tekemia Dorsey, The International Association of Black Triathletes
Richard Grason VI, Hanley & Grason
Georgia Ibar-Wynter, Erickson Living
Erica Kimmel, DPR Construction
Tina Kummelman, Erickson Living – Oak Crest
Christopher Ludwig, T. Rowe Price
John “Ben” Lydecker, Accenture Federal
Julie Maneen, CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield
Danielle Marshall, Culture Principles
David Mattera, BGE HOME
Douglas McManus, Baltimore County Police Department
Kalisha Miller, Baltimore County Public Schools
Maria Morales, PNC Bank
Jodi Neal, CCBC
Sevetra Peoples, Baltimore County Administrative Office
Moire Riley, CCBC
Kimberly Scroggins, The Arc Baltimore
Kristian Sekse, Board of Child Care
Earl Shaw, Erickson Living
Denise Smith, Morgan State University
Robert Smith, Baltimore County
Josh Sutherland, House of Ruth
Milana Vayner, Baltimore County Government
Kevin Walker, Penn-Mar Human Services
Mark White, Whiting-Turner Contracting Co.

Class of 2021 Graduates

Rosemary Anderson, Rosemary Anderson and Associates
Marco Avila, WSP
Simone Baptiste, Vehicles for Change
Kenneth Baron, UMBC
Lisa Betz, Dewberry
Brandon Bonanno, Gray & Son
Dorothy Boulware, The Afro
Christine Breen, Tradepoint Atlantic
Kristin Brooks, National Kidney Foundation
Deanna Chemelli, Baltimore County Police Department
Kim Cooper, Edge Direct
Christine Davis, Accenture
Darice Dixon, The Daily Record
Nicole Ebb, Baltimore County Dept. of Corrections
Rachel Ferrara, Bunting Door and Hardware
Hennither Gant, Career Image Solutions
Megan Goffney, Community Assistance Network (CAN)
Candas Granados, BD
Sharon Hendricks, Northwest Hospital
JB Hensley, Univ. of MD St. Joseph Medical Center
Diana Janney, KCI
Aaron Koos, BGE
Shannon Lucas, KCI
Keith McGuire, KMass
Gina McKnight-Smith, AbbVie
Beverly O’Bryant, Coppin State University
Frank Orcel, Exelon
Brooks Paternotte, Irvine Nature Center
Rhonda Pringle, Baltimore Business Journal
Patti Provance, UWCM
Jewell Ralph, Baltimore County Public Schools
Nasim Reich, CCBC
Barry Sheehan, Greenberg Gibbons
Jamie Stoner, The Arc Baltimore
Melinda Swanson, T. Rowe Price
Ryan Tetteris, BGE HOME
David Thompson, PNC Wealth Management
Marcus Walker, BGE
Thomas Williams, Erickson Senior Living
Dinah Winnick, UMBC

LBC Commencement Classes of 2020 & 2021

On Monday, June 14th we were finally able to celebrate IN PERSON with LBC’s graduating Classes of 2020 and 2021. These classes completed their leadership course during a pandemic and still were able to create lasting connections and memories with each other. Now, 75 new LBC alumni are ready to help build a better community.



LBC Nomination Program

LBC Nomination Program

Welcome to LBC’s Nomination Program!

We believe the best way to strengthen Baltimore County and build LBC’s invaluable network is to include you, the community and LBC alumni, in nominating the best candidates. And, we are making it worth your while to participate. For each eligible nomination you make, you will be entered into a drawing to win the big prize. This is a win-win-win proposition – the more excellent candidates LBC accepts into its program, the better for Baltimore County, LBC and you!

Every eligible nominee will provide you with a chance to win the big prize. Win dinner for two at Citron, an upscale contemporary restaurant with exquisite views of Quarry lake.

Nomination Rules  

  1. LBC’s nomination program is open to anyone who wishes to nominate a candidate.
  2. All nominees must meet the eligibility requirements stated below to qualify for this program.
  3. Every qualified nomination = 1 entry for the big prize drawing to be conducted in the fall.
  4. First-time submissions of any given nominee will count in this giveaway. A second time nomination of the same person by the same nominator will not count.
  5. Multiple submissions of the same nominee will count one time for each different nominator.
  6. Nominations of LBC alumni will not count.
  7. Nominations must be submitted through the online form and include email and phone number of nominee.
  8. LBC board members are not eligible until they’ve satisfied their Board obligation to secure one class member. All additional nominations are eligible.
  9. Staff and outside consulting firms hired to assist with outreach are ineligible.
  10. Nominations should be submitted by May 1 to be included the summer drawing.

Qualified Nominations 

In order for a nomination to qualify for this program, the following criteria must be met:

  • Nominee has not participated in LBC before;
  • Nominee is at the director/VP level or above (exact title is not as important as standing in company);
  • Nominee has demonstrated interest in supporting the community;
  • Nominator believes nominee will both contribute to and benefit from the LBC experience; and
  • Candidates not nominated by their employers should be able to gain approval for the time off from work and be capable of raising the financial resources to participate in LBC’s program.

Below is the link to nominate a candidate 

Join the LBC Team! We are hiring!

Join our small, creative and dynamic team where your contributions matter. Leadership Baltimore County is seeking an administrative dynamo who is organized, driven and an out-of-the-box thinker to join our team on a part-time basis. Together, we direct an annual community leadership program and alumni activities.

Email cover letter detailing how you are qualified and resume to

TITLE:  Administrative Specialist

BACKGROUND:  Leadership Baltimore County, Inc. (LBC) is a federally recognized, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization established in 1983. Its mission is to bring high achievers with diverse perspectives together to heighten their civic awareness, enhance their organizational effectiveness and become a driving force for positive change in their workplace and Baltimore County as a whole.

We achieve our mission by exploring the challenges and opportunities facing Baltimore County in monthly day-long sessions from September through June. The hallmarks of our sessions are: (1) engaging dialogues with the movers, shakers and decision-makers in Baltimore County; and (2) experiential in nature.  Topics examined may include: economic development, education, public safety, social services, Baltimore County government, Maryland State government, transportation, healthcare, civic engagement, regionalism, diversity and the environment.  Upon graduating from the ten-month program, LBC alumni engage in the community by taking on leadership roles with nonprofit and community organizations, and/or government advisory boards or task forces.  LBC provides ongoing learning and engaging activities for its alumni of approximately 1,000 individuals.

LBC is an outcome-based organization. Performance excellence in quality as well as quantity is required. Position descriptions are a general depiction of assignments. Since LBC has a small staff and an extensive array of tasks, employees need to be flexible and can expect to be called upon in a variety of ways that cannot always be anticipated in the position description.

JOB OBJECTIVE: To ensure that all of LBC’s administrative and back-office functions run efficiently, effectively and at the highest level of excellence through the maximum use of appropriate technology.

ACCOUNTABILITY: Directly reports to the President/CEO.

CLASSIFICATION: This is a part-time, non-exempt position.

RESPONSIBILITIES: Provide all administrative support across all aspects of the organization.

Data Management

  • Assist in refining and implementing the CRM system (Salesforce)
  • Determine new procedures, fields and functions necessary to provide LBC with the data it needs to run the organization in the most efficient and effective manner possible
  • Ensure that staff is adequately trained in using the database
  • Initiate and oversee continuous quality improvement
  • Create monthly dashboard to reflect progress against goals as tracked by database and bookkeeping systems
  • Maintain the database and email marketing platform (Salesforce and Mail Chimp) with up-to-date information on class members, alumni, dues, events, donors, stakeholders, etc.
  • Research contact information for all various stakeholders
  • Create ad hoc reports, as needed
  • Maintain online member directory


A. Candidates / Class Members

  • Arrange for all interviews upon receiving candidate application
  • Schedule alumni to serve as interviewers
  • Prepare and distribute application and other necessary documents to all interviewers
  • Create and send acceptance packets to new class members
  • Ensure receipt of and maintain all documents new class members must sign
  • Identify and manage booking of opening retreat venue
  • Prepare class roster and binders for Opening Retreat
  • Assist with meals and refreshments for all events as needed (i.e., Information Breakfasts, Leadership Learning Days, Center Stage event, alumni events, etc.)
  • Arrange for bus service for Leadership Learning Days, if needed
  • Assist with other Leadership Learning Day preparation as needed, such as requesting and tracking all class members’ county districts for County  Government day, all class members’ legislative districts for State Government Day, solicit volunteers for Social Services day, etc.
  • Select, order and prepare commencement gift to class members

B. Alumni

  • Assist with alumni and public events as needed
  • Send monthly pairing to previous class for suggested one-on-one meetings
  • Coordinate membership dues mailings
  • Create or update cover letter
  • Create invoices
  • Coordinate with volunteers to assemble snail mail portion
  • Utilize software to send email portion
  • Track payments in database, quick books and best class ever spreadsheet

Fund Development & Financial

  • Prepare invoices for sponsors, tuition, and board pledges
  • Enter transactions in QuickBooks, reconcile bank and investment accounts monthly
  • Prepare financial statement reports for President & CEO
  • Assist with sponsorship solicitations for Leadership Learning Days and All Class Reunion
  • Assist with recruitment, as needed
  • Provide accounting firm with documentation needed to prepare year-end financials and 990s

Board, Committees

  • Send calendar invitations to all board members each new calendar year
  • Prepare and distribute board packets one week before each meeting
  • Prepare and maintain electronic board binders
  • Schedule new board member orientation meetings
  • Ensure receipt of and maintain all documents board members must sign
  • Secure location, order food and provide administrative support for annual board retreat
  • Provide logistical support for committee meetings, as requested


  • Manage technology support consultant(s)
  • Order office supplies
  • Create weekly staff meeting agendas


  • Proven track record in database management / CRM systems, preferably Salesforce
  • Knowledge and experience with bookkeeping and financial management
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite
  • Demonstrated flexibility and excellent organizational skills
  • Ability to pay close attention to detail with a high degree of accuracy
  • Exceptional written, verbal and listening communications skills
  • Ability to manage multiple assignments, set priorities, meet goals and deadlines, and adapt to changing conditions
  • Ability to set and adhere to high standards
  • Respect and appreciation for differing views as well as a sensitivity to those who may be “different” than you
  • Ability to find solutions to problems using creativity, reasoning, and past experiences along with the available information and resources
  • Ability to work well independently as well as part of a team
  • Ability to exercise flexibility, initiative, good judgment and discretion
  • Ability to plan activities and programs such as meetings, orientations, retreats
  • Ability to work a variable schedule on occasion, including early mornings, evenings and/or weekends

Community Board Volunteer Request

LBC receives requests for volunteers from community organizations. Please see the details below regarding board members for Richcroft.


Organization Name: Richcroft, Inc.

Organization Website:

Contact Name: Kevin Drumheller

Contact Email:

Contact Phone Number: 410-316-9528

Organization Mission: To create opportunities for people with intellectual and other developmental disabilities to make choices that will assist them in living full and productive lives.

Volunteer Opportunity: Board Member

Desired Skills:

  • Development
  • Event Planning
  • Finances
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing
  • Strategic Planning/Positioning
  • Technology

Board Responsibilities:

  • Time Commitment
  • Serve on Committee

In-Kind A/V Support Request

Do you or your company have audio/visual expertise to share?

LBC hosts frequent events. With the move to virtual and hybrid events, our technical needs have changed. Our small staff needs extra hands and expertise to ensure that all our events run smoothly. We are looking for in-kind support to serve at single or multiple events, including:

  • evaluating LBC’s plan for virtual and hybrid events and making suggestions for improvements
  • setting up equipment (cameras, microphones, laptops) in each meeting room before the meeting
  • facilitating inclusion of virtual participants
  • saving and sharing recorded video and written material

If you are interested, please contact Mary Kay Page at

In Memoriam

Col. Kim Ward, LBC ’92, died of cancer on Aug. 7. She was a career Baltimore County Police officer who rose through the ranks to become the highest-ranking female officer in department history until 2019 when County Executive Johnny Olszewski, Jr., LBC ’10, appointed Chief Melissa Hyatt. Kim was a visionary whose heart was made of gold. She held herself and those around her to the highest standards while building people up and inspiring them to do their best,” said Amanda Zinn.

Kim served on LBC’s Alumni Board and stayed engaged with LBC for many years after her graduation from the program. She continued to nominate colleagues and business associates to LBC and was always available to assist in any way she could.

While it would be nearly impossible to list all of her accomplishments and accolades, you can get a sense of the hundreds of lives she touched and her profound impact on them through this moving video of her funeral service produced by the Baltimore County Police Department.

She will be sorely missed by so many, including her LBC family.